I had to share this one with you guys and girls! You learn something new everyday! Just amazing… I really have to start saving my monies in order to get over there!

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“A sundog over Sisimiut on a winter morning.

Sundogs form when light passes through ice crystals, bending the light rays, and refracting the sunbeams horizontally.

They are not nearly as common as northern lights, but in many ways just as impressive a phenomenon.

Crazy stuff. And we love it 🙂


Destination Arctic Circle”


Miss S.

Photos of Greenland

I’ve had a tough weekend but I promise that a new post is in the making! For now I wanted to show you these gorgeous shots of Greenland.  Here are some photos to dream about 🙂  Taken from

Below is a photo of the beautiful coastal town Kangaamiut.

The photo below is taken by Angu Motzfeldt~Autumn in Greenland