Rape Red

Art can be very misunderstood sometimes. But its here to provoke your thoughts and act as commentary on our society/ies. With saying that this picture really moved me. It was created for November 25th, which is the International Day for the elimination of Violence against Women somewhere in the world (I think most probably in the States, I haven’t heard about this day specifically her in Aus). And I do hope it provokes some thinking especially since most of us are so desensitized through the media, and yet an image this simple can have a big impact.


I couldn’t choose between the two…

Here are some more amazing photos and some amazing photography by Marcin Kęsek. Both are very different stylistically, but both are very beautiful. Check out his fb page here https://www.facebook.com/marcinkesekfotografia and maybe mine to 😛 https://www.facebook.com/missworldsec

Two things I will never get enough of, Polish mountains and Polish forests! Enjoy, Miss S.


I love nature

Many of you know that I am a sucker for great photography and for the wilderness. Our lives are so busy and so enhanced by technology that I for one need to switch off from time to time, otherwise I tend to go into sensory overload. When I discovered this wonderful site I knew it was something special – the photography is fantastic and the views stunning… I have to admit that I am quite jealous of this couple, who live and work in Polands South, encapsulated by mountains and wilderness. They carve products out of wood and every piece is a work of art. Down below are some majestic examples of their workspace. Not bad huh? 🙂 I highly recommend their facebook page for more wonderful photography https://www.facebook.com/ilnature and of course their website for more of their finished products http://ilovenature.pl/ Oh, and don’t forget to join me on fb https://www.facebook.com/missworldsec

Until next time! Miss S.

Thirsty for freedom?









I came across this graffiti whilst browsing the web, and it looks very much like the wall dividing the West Bank and Israel. Many of us don’t think about the way that basic supplies like food and water can be used as bargaining tools in conflict zones. The West Bank depends on water deliveries made by the Israelis. It seems rather bizarre doesn’t it, that the palestinians would have to depend on their ‘oppressors’ for water… Water is most definitely a symbol of life and in this case, freedom.While many agencies and NGO’s would be monitoring Israels deliveries of water into the west bank in order to ensure that they are ensuring the basic human rights of water and food for thousands of people, Israel can still strategically benefit from this in numerous ways. For instance, by not allowing the Palestinians to build their own water infrastructure  and by not allowing them to reach the source of the water so that they continue to be dependant on the Israelis (and this way they also don’t build ‘permanent’ infrastructure which cements their presence in the West Bank). For more information and an overview on this complex topic visit http://www.amnesty.org/en/news-and-updates/report/israel-rations-palestinians-trickle-water-20091027. With more conflict currently unfolding, it is another sad example in which people who hold a position of power over others, exploit this position and hurt other human beings. I do believe that consequently both sides suffer. I thought that it might also be beneficial to include a map of Israel and the West Bank so you can get an idea of the geography and picture how the West Bank is enclosed by Israel (and how far away they are to water sources). Also, if anyone knows what the Arabic writing says, I’d be interested to know! Until next time Miss S.

Image below taken from http://lawrenceofcyberia.blogs.com/photos/maps/un_westbankmap_2007.html.

Sunset on Mars

This is a photo of a sunset on Mars. Awesome huh? Makes you feel so small when you realize how big the universe is… The photo was taken by NASA and you can find more info here http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_347.html    This is what they say about the sunset –

“On May 19, 2005, NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit captured this stunning view as the Sun sank below the rim of Gusev crater on Mars. This Panoramic Camera mosaic was taken around 6:07 in the evening of the rover’s 489th Martian day, or sol.

Sunset and twilight images are occasionally acquired by the science team to determine how high into the atmosphere the Martian dust extends, and to look for dust or ice clouds. Other images have shown that the twilight glow remains visible, but increasingly fainter, for up to two hours before sunrise or after sunset. The long Martian twilight (compared to Earth’s) is caused by sunlight scattered around to the night side of the planet by abundant high altitude dust. Similar long twilights or extra-colorful sunrises and sunsets sometimes occur on Earth when tiny dust grains that are erupted from powerful volcanoes scatter light high in the atmosphere.”

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Texas A&M/Cornell        Miss S.

Winter Fun

Thanks to Konrad Seblon for sharing this picture~ Isn’t it magical? Check out I love Greenland on facebook for more https://www.facebook.com/ilovegreenland and my exciting facebook page while your’re at it 😛 https://www.facebook.com/missworldsec  Miss S.