I love Poland

Two more photos from magical nature, found in Poland. The first is from the i love nature team (https://www.facebook.com/ilnature?fref=ts) and the second from Marcin Kesek (https://www.facebook.com/marcinkesekfotografia?fref=ts).





Enjoy! Miss S. 


‘Roof of the World’

I found this amazing article and photography by Matthieu Paley. He photographs the Kyrgyz people as they go about their daily life in one of the most inhospitable places on earth. The photography is amazing to say the least, and I really hope that he publishes a book in English soon. For now here is a sneak peak of what is in the article, but definitely check it out for yourself!



“It is a harsh, unforgiving existence for the 1,200 Kyrgyz people who live at the end of the remote and inhospitable Wakhan corridor in Afghanistan, a 140-mile-long strip of land surrounded by China, Tajikistan and Pakistan. Less than half of the children there live to see their fifth birthday. And it is commonplace for women to die during childbirth.

There are no doctors and no roads or vehicles. They live so high up there are no trees. In winter, the temperature goes down to 40 degrees below zero, and there are as many as 340 days of freezing weather a year.

They live in near-complete isolation in a place so removed that the Afghan wars never made it this far.”




Enjoy! Miss S. 

I couldn’t choose between the two…

Here are some more amazing photos and some amazing photography by Marcin¬†Kńôsek. Both are very different¬†stylistically, but both are very beautiful.¬†Check out his fb page here¬†https://www.facebook.com/marcinkesekfotografia and maybe mine to ūüėõ¬†https://www.facebook.com/missworldsec

Two things I will never get enough of, Polish mountains and Polish forests! Enjoy, Miss S.