It’s a crazy crazy land…

Hello Possums, I know I know, my wikileaks post should have been up last week but forgive me as I’ve been dealing with some technical difficulties. I promise it will be up this week! In the mean time I thought I would share this hilarious video with you. My background is Polish, and it’s the quirks of the land that I love most! Enjoy!

Miss S.

GANGNAM STYLE PARODY (강남스타일) – The Oregon Duck

This video is done so well that I had to share (5 million of you would have already seen this!). Maybe some would call it a security threat, but it makes people happy so I’m all for it!

P.S What I love is that whenever Psy performs this song in the West, be it in the U.S. or Australia (we loved him down here) he doesn’t change the lyrics to English but keeps the orginal Korean lyrics. I’m all for diversity, and promoting the learning of other languages. It can only enrich your life!

Improv Black Tie Beach Event 2012

This video should make you smile 🙂 My favourite was the two guys walking down the beach in tuxedos and a boom box lol oh and peoples reactions! It feels great to do something crazy and unexpected. I think we should try and remember this, especially since we so often get bogged down in our daily routines